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 by ballabhtr

One of the best BDSM practitioners in Mumbai. Extremely knowledgeable and has a great place.

I enjoyed every moment of my time spent with her and would definitely apply for one more. 6/5!

 by urdream

Totally enjoyed my time with her. She is very well learned about BDSM plays and I will probably book 1 more session next weekend.

 by sushu755

I met Anu ma'am yesterday and she exceeded my expectations in more ways than I had envisaged. She is strict and mature but also passionate and caring. Being an avid kinkster myself, I was able to explore many facets of my kinks with her, which I had never been able to do before. And now I can't help but fantasize about her all day! Thank you ma'am for a wonderful experience. I hope to meet you again very soon!

 by vikram shetty

Met Anu today after a long gap, She is amazing as ever, She is hospitable and treats you well, We chatted for a while for we had to do a lot of catching up as we met after a couple of years. She looks prettier and fitter than the last time I met her.

Then we went to her bedroom and this time we did BDSm, She is a wonderful domina and a diva has a great personality. Her Ass is to be relished.

Then we fucked and she feels nice and tight, and the pleasure was all mine. although I.came sooner than expected, nevertheless I loved the experience Anu gave me.

I would like to thank her for an amazing session.

See you soon Anu.

Vikram Shetty.

 by rajkaran

I did speak To Anu Maam on phone

She is classy sounds professional

I feel she can take a session to another level eay she sounded

She knows wats a femdom she knows its for the scene

In real she explained me abt pain how it can be

She just asked me 1 question

How u rate pain 1to 10

This line says it all she knows the level

 by raviyuv

Definitely the most wonderful domme in Mumbai.

I still remember how she( would refer to her as Goddess Anu) greeted me with her trademark million dollar smile. Goddess Anu then led me into her room where i met Mistress Mary - her protégé. Together they began the session.

From bein tied up in bed for their pleasure to being teased by Goddess Anu and Mistress Mary, i enjoyed myself quite a lot.

Can't wait for session #2 next week.

 by sreegopinath212

Perfect mistress,great dominatrix,great hospitality,great experience,wonderful service with all equipments available

 by ankush

Meet Anu Mistress after 2 years had amazing BDSM session Enjoyed a lot.Will meet again soon.

 by Akhilb1975

Had a wonderful session of Vanilla sex with Anu Malkin .

She is amazing and full of energy .

Would love to meet you again ASAP

 by yuvi54

Met Anu & Merry yesterday. 

I am a Dom myself. After a long time I have seen someone who is so honest as to tell upfront that think again we might not gel. 

But in-spite of a chance that we would not have worked out I decided to meet. 

Good House. Good Coffee.. We relaxed a bit Merry was on her way so we discussed random stuff. Then when Merry came the talks continued. Not even a single moment I felt that i am new to them. Its like old friends chatting. 

We started the action. Now being Dom me and Anu, Merry was the submissive one... lol although she by nature is a Dom, I felt she was really good being sub..


Anu tied my hands and the B***j** was fantastic. I was sniffing Merry which made me hard instantaneously. Then again we took a gap. After which Merry was on my face and Anu on my D***. F*** the brains out of me. 

Anu you F****** B**** you just made my day Haha. 

After which we chatted they wanted to go on round 2 but just saw the clock and I had to rush back. Unfinished business next time to be completed. 

For the 1st time in my life I was in a hurry and they were telling me to wait. This only happens with Anu. But I spent good 4 hours out there and made me relax like anything.


Next time will get a ladyboy and would want you to An****** her like a slave. 

Can I give 11/10. That would be the minimum I can give. 

Babes you guys were amazing. see you soon.....

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