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At Mistress Anu, we pride ourselves on offering an unforgettable, safe, and consensual BDSM experience. We appreciate feedback from our clients as it helps us continuously improve our services. If you’ve had a session with Mistress Anu, we invite you to share your experience here.

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Anu Malkin
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 39 reviews
 by abhir

I recently had an experience with Anu Mistress that's difficult to put into words. At the start of our session, my attention was immediately drawn to her big lips, accentuated by a bold shade of dark red lipstick. It set the tone for what was to follow. The session began with a gentle approach, but as time progressed, the intensity grew. Feeling the warmth and pressure of her lips, especially during the biting moments on my nipple and cock, was a sensation that balanced between discomfort and ecstasy. Each time she pulled away, I could see the faint trace of her lipstick, a reminder of our shared moments. Beyond the physical sensations, it was her meticulous attention to detail and her understanding of boundaries that stood out, making the session feel both safe and exhilarating. As someone who has had different experiences in the past, this one with Anu Mistress holds a special place. The balance, the connection, and the lasting memories make me look forward to our next encounter.

 by Rajat

Words cannot fully capture the intensity of my session with Anu Mistress. Her long nails, impeccably maintained, were the instruments of both torment and delight. As she scratched and pinched my nipple and cock, it was a rollercoaster of sensations that pushed the boundaries of pleasure and pain. Each stroke left a mark, not just on my skin but etched into my memory. The sensation of her nails, sharp yet controlled, was like an exquisite dance of agony and ecstasy. Anu Mistress's expertise in maintaining that delicate balance between intensity and safety was commendable. This experience was a testament to her mastery, and I'm eagerly awaiting our next encounter.

 by Karan

A recent session with Anu Mistress left me in awe. The journey began with her high heels, making me understand my place. With her long nails, she etched memories that I will never forget. There was also a special moment of pussy worship, a reward for my obedience. We later chatted casually, with Mistress teasing about future sessions. I'm hooked and eager for more.

 by Rohit

Experienced a hardcore ballbusting session with Anu Mistress and her high steel heels. It was intense, pushing my boundaries like never before. The sheer force left me marked, a reminder of the powerful session. Truly unforgettable, and I am eager for our next encounter

 by Avinash

Had a foot worship session with Anu Mistress. Her long toenails are truly captivating. The entire experience was mesmerizing, and I look forward to our next meeting

 by Jay

From start to finish, my session with Anu Mistress was mesmerizing. She had me at her mercy, with every touch of her long nails sending shivers down my spine. The highlight was when she allowed me the privilege of ass worship. After the session, we shared a heart-to-heart over coffee. She hinted at future adventures, leaving me in eager anticipation.

 by Raj

My time with Anu Mistress was transformational. She had me bound and at her mercy, introducing me to the art of scratching with her long nails. I was lost in the sensations. The climax was when she allowed me to worship her, a privilege I will forever cherish. After the session, her softer side emerged as we shared thoughts over tea. She hinted at future sessions, and I am already counting the days.

 by Rohit

Anu Mistress is unparalleled. Our session began with me at her feet, worshipping her long nails and heels. Goddess decided to test my limits with CBT and it was exquisite pain. She then rewarded me with her divine ass worship. Post-session, we shared a quiet moment where she teased what the future holds. Can't wait for my next session with the divine Anu Mistress.

 by Vivek

Had an intense session with Anu Mistress recently. She greeted me with her piercing gaze, making it clear who was in control. The session began with foot worship, admiring her impeccable long toenails. As a reward, she allowed me to feel the pressure of her high heels. Every moment was a blend of pain and pleasure. At the end, she whispered about our next session, hinting at even deeper exploration. Grateful for the experience and eagerly awaiting our next meeting

 by Deepak

Before meeting Mistress Anu, I had sessions with others, but nothing prepared me for her unique energy. Those long nails tracing patterns on my skin felt like whispered promises. A session with her is more than just BDSM; it's an emotional odyssey.

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