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Mistress Anu Session Rates

Client: “Mistress Anu, I’ve been curious about your sessions. Can you enlighten me about your rates?”

Mistress Anu: “Ah, a curious soul ready to embrace submission. Your journey to servitude is invaluable, and while my time and expertise come at a price, the experiences I offer are unmatched.

Real Sessions (In-Person):- For those who dare to meet me in person:

1. Incall Session (At Your Chosen Location):

  • 2 hour: ₹25,000
  • 3 hours: ₹30,000
  • Each additional hour: ₹10,000

2. Hotel Session:

  • 2 hour: ₹30,000 (Excludes hotel charges)
  • 3 hours: ₹35,000 (Excludes hotel charges)
  • Each additional hour: ₹15,000

3. Happy Ending Session:

  • 2 hour: ₹35,000 (Incall)
  • 3 hour: ₹40,000 (Hotel)

4. Couples Session:

  • 2 hour: ₹35,000 (Incall)
  • 3 hour: ₹38,000 (Hotel)

5. Dungeon Session:

  • 2 hour: ₹30,000
  • 3 hours: ₹40,000

6. Extended Dungeon Session:

  • Half-day (up to 4 hours): ₹50,000
  • Full day (up to 8 hours): ₹1,10,000

7. Specialized Sessions:

  • Rates vary based on specific kinks, tools, or scenarios requiring additional preparation or expertise. Available upon inquiry.

8. Outcall Fee:

  • If you travel to a location specified by the client, an additional fee may apply. Rates can vary based on distance and convenience.

9. Deposits:

  • A 50% deposit may be required to secure a session date and time.

10. Extended In-person Sessions:

  • Half-day (up to 4 hours): ₹50,000
  • Full day (up to 8 hours): ₹1,10,000

Note: All rates are for your time and companionship only. Ensure that all activities are consensual acts between adults. Safety, respect, and proper etiquette are paramount.

Mistress Anu Online Session Rates

1. Text-based Session (e.g., Messaging platforms):

  • Brief Interaction:
    • 15 minutes: ₹4,000
  • Standard Session:
    • 30 minutes: ₹3,500
    • 1 hour: ₹7,000
  • Features:
    • Direct messaging
    • Written instructions or tasks
    • Personalized responses

2. Voice Call Session:

  • Brief Interaction:
    • 15 minutes: ₹4,000
  • Standard Session:
    • 30 minutes: ₹6,000
    • 1 hour: ₹10,000
  • Features:
    • Direct voice communication
    • Verbal instructions or tasks
    • Personalized feedback

3. Video Call Session:

  • Brief Interaction:
    • 15 minutes: ₹6,000
  • Standard Session:
    • 30 minutes: ₹7,000
    • 1 hour: ₹12,000
  • Features:
    • Face-to-face virtual interaction
    • Visual demonstrations
    • Personalized video content

4. Custom Content (Photos/Videos):

  • Photos:
    • Starting at ₹5,000 for a set of 10 personalized photos
    • Additional charges for specific themes or attire
  • Videos:
    • Starting at ₹20,000 for a 5-clips personalized video
    • Rates vary based on content, duration, and complexity
  • Features:
    • Tailored to client’s specifications
    • Unique and exclusive content for the client

5. Task Assignments:

  • Daily Tasks:
    • ₹3,500 per task
  • Weekly Tasks:
    • Set of 7 tasks: ₹12,000
  • Monthly Tasks:
    • Set of 30 tasks: ₹45,000
  • Features:
    • Tasks tailored to the client’s kinks and boundaries
    • Feedback and potential rewards/punishments based on performance

Note: All rates represent compensation for your time, creativity, and expertise. Ensure all activities and content exchanges are consensual and respect privacy boundaries. Safety, discretion, and mutual respect are of utmost importance.

Mistress Anu: “Ah, you’ve heard correctly. My long nails and toenails are symbols of my unique power and femininity. Every inch of their length serves a purpose, whether it’s tracing patterns on a submissive’s skin, evoking shivers of anticipation, or acting as tools of gentle torment. They are both a blessing and a warning — a reminder that beauty can be paired with dominance, and elegance can intertwine with intensity. When you’re in my presence, every glide, scratch, and caress from my nails will leave an imprint not just on your skin but deep within your psyche. Are you prepared to be marked by them?”

Mistress Anu: “Ballbusting, under my dominion, is a dance of pain and pleasure, vulnerability and trust. It’s not just about the act; it’s about the anticipation, the power dynamics, and the profound connection forged in those delicate moments. When you offer yourself to me in such an intimate manner, you’re granting me control over your most vulnerable self. My techniques vary from gentle teasing to intense pressure, ensuring a cocktail of sensations. It’s a journey where every throb and every gasp takes you deeper into submission. Are you prepared to place such trust in my hands and experience the intense blend of agony and ecstasy?”

Mistress Anu: “My feet, with their flawless arches and elegant toes, are indeed a testament to perfection. But it’s my long toenails that add an extra layer of mystique. They are the jewels of my feet, elongated symbols of femininity and power. Whether painted or natural, they command respect and adoration. Serving them means indulging in the details: the curve of each nail, the cold or warmth of their touch, the delicate way they might dig into or graze your skin. You’d find pleasure in the act of worship, from gentle kisses to feeling their weight upon you. As my foot slave, you must understand that to adore my feet and long toenails is to adore a part of my very essence. Do you think you have the devotion and the fervor to serve at their altar?”


Mistress Anu: “My divine curves are not just for the eyes but for the soul that truly understands their worth. Ass worship is a sacred act, and you must approach it with respect, patience, and a deep-seated desire to serve. Your dedication will be tested, and if genuine, you’ll experience the privilege of being close to my most intimate regions.”

Mistress Anu: “Worshipping my sacred temple is not a right, but a privilege granted to the most devoted and deserving. It’s about cherishing the core of my feminine power, approaching with humility, and showcasing an unmatched eagerness to please. The journey is intense, and only those truly committed will be granted passage.”

Mistress Anu: “CBT, in my hands, is a masterful blend of pain and pleasure. It’s about exploring your boundaries, pushing limits, and immersing in sensations you’ve never felt before. While it may challenge you, trust that under my control, every twist and turn is calculated, every sensation carefully orchestrated for an unparalleled experience.”

Mistress Anu: “Nipples are unique portals to both pain and pleasure. Under my touch, they become instruments, singing songs of sharp twists, gentle teases, and electrifying pulses. With each caress, pinch, or twist, you’ll discover new layers of sensations, oscillating between intense pleasure and delicious torment.”

Mistress Anu: “My nails are extensions of my dominant will. Whether they’re tracing delicate patterns or leaving lingering marks of possession, they’re tools of seduction and control. Every scratch is a testament to my power, making you feel alive in ways you’ve never imagined.”

  1. Mistress Anu: “Needleplay is indeed an intricate dance of trust and vulnerability. Each needle puncture is more than just a physical sensation; it’s a journey into your deepest fears and desires. With precision, care, and a deep understanding of anatomy and emotion, I guide you through each prick, ensuring safety and an unmatched intensity of sensations.”

Mistress Anu: “Sounding is about exploring internal landscapes, delving deep into sensations that are profound and unparalleled. With my expertise, each insertion is calculated, ensuring safety while pushing the boundaries of pleasure and pain. It’s an experience that requires utmost trust, and in return, offers profound revelations.”

Mistress Anu: “Being under my heels is symbolic – it represents surrender, vulnerability, and devotion. While you’ll feel the weight of my dominance, every step, press, and twist is controlled. It’s a dance of pressure, pain, and pleasure, reminding you of the exquisite beauty of submission.”

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