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"Exploring BDSM and Fetishes with Anu: A Guide"

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1. Bondage: Using ropes, cuffs, or chains to restrain.

2. Discipline: Providing rules and punishment to control behavior.

3. Dominance: Taking control in a scene or relationship.

4. Submission: Yielding control to another.

5. Sadism: Taking pleasure from inflicting pain.

6. Masochism: Enjoying receiving pain.

7. Spanking: Using the hand or tools to strike the buttocks.

8. Flogging: Striking with a multi-tailed whip.

9. Caning: Using a cane to strike the body.

10. Paddling: Using a flat tool to slap the body.

11. Wax play: Dripping candle wax onto the body.

12. Ice play: Using ice to stimulate and play with temperature.

13. Sensory deprivation: Limiting one or more of the five senses.

14. Blindfolds: Limiting vision.

15. Gags: Restricting speech.

16. Electro-play: Using electric devices for pleasure/pain.

17. Chastity play: Denying orgasm or using chastity devices.

18. Breath play: Controlling or restricting breathing.

19. Knife play: Using blades to simulate danger.

20. Needle play: Inserting sterile needles in the skin.

21. Pet play: Acting as a human pet, like a dog or cat.

22. Pony play: Role-playing as rider and horse.

23. Age play: Simulating different ages.

24. Diaper play: Wearing and using diapers.

25. Daddy/Mommy Dom: A form of caregiving dominance.

26. Foot fetish: Worship or adoration of feet.

27. Boot/shoe fetish: Fascination with footwear.

28. Latex/Rubber fetish: Attraction to latex clothing or items.

29. Leather fetish: Interest in leather gear or clothing.

30. Lingerie fetish: Fascination with sensual undergarments.

31. Rope bondage: Using ropes for artistic/restrictive bondage.

32. Shibari/Kinbaku: Japanese style of intricate bondage.

33. Suspension: Hanging the body using ropes or hooks.

34. Caging: Restricting the submissive in a cage.

35. Mummification: Wrapping the body restricting movement.

36. Medical play: Role-playing medical scenarios.

37. Examination play: Simulating medical examinations.

38. Enema play: Using enemas for sensation or cleanliness.

39. Sounding: Inserting sterile items in the urethra.

40. Dental play: Role-playing dental scenarios.

41. Public play: Engaging in BDSM activities in public.

42. Humiliation: Verbally or physically degrading the submissive.

43. Degradation: Actions that make the submissive feel lowly.

44. Forced feminization: Making a person take on a female role.

45. Cross-dressing: Wearing clothes of the opposite gender.

46. Voyeurism: Watching others, often secretly.

47. Exhibitionism: Exposing oneself to others.

48. Cuckolding: Watching a partner with another.

49. Swinging: Exchanging partners.

50. Group play: Engaging with multiple partners.

51. Strap-on play: Penetration using a strap-on dildo.

52. Pegging: A woman penetrating a man with a strap-on.

53. Anal play: Stimulation of the anus.

54. Fisting: Inserting the hand into the vagina or anus.

55. Tease and denial: Bringing close to orgasm but denying release.

56. Financial domination: Dominating someone financially.

57. Tickling: Using tickling as a form of sensation play.

58. Hair pulling: Using hair to control or provide sensation.

59. Biting: Using teeth to provide pain or sensation.

60. Scratching: Using nails or tools to scratch the skin.

61. Golden showers: Urinating for erotic pleasure.

62. Brown showers: Defecating for erotic pleasure.

63. Feeding: Overfeeding or controlling diet.

64. Weight gain/loss: Controlling body weight for erotic pleasure.

65. Inflation: Filling body cavities with air or liquid.

66. Hypnosis: Using trance states in BDSM play.

67. Mind control: Playing with power dynamics mentally.

68. Fear play: Using fear as a form of arousal.

69. Gun play: Simulating threat using guns.

70. Consensual non-consent: Simulating non-consensual scenarios.

71. Body modification: Altering the body, like piercing or tattooing.

72. Branding: Leaving permanent marks on the skin.

73. Scarification: Creating scars for aesthetic purposes.

74. Tattooing: Using tattoos in a BDSM context.

75. Piercing play: Temporary or play piercings.

76. Role-playing: Assuming roles outside of normal roles.

77. Schoolroom scenarios: Playing teacher-student dynamics.

78. Prison scenarios: Simulating incarceration.

79. Interrogation: Simulating intense questioning scenarios.

80. Monster play: Role-playing as mythical or monstrous beings.

81. Worship: Adoring a specific body part.

82. Objectification: Treating a person as an inanimate object.

83. Trampling: Walking over someone, often in heels.

84. Sploshing/Wet and Messy (WAM): Playing with food or messy substances.

85. Smoking fetish: Being aroused by the act of smoking.

86. Lactation play: Engaging erotically with lactating breasts.

87. Sensation play: Using various tools for sensory exploration.

88. Body worship: Adoring and praising specific parts of a partner’s body.

89. Breath control: Playing with the act of respiration.

90. Rituals: Introducing ceremonial or ritualistic practices in scenes.

91. Forced bi: Being “forced” to engage in bisexual acts.

92. Armpit fetish: Being attracted to or engaging with armpits.

93. Blood play: Engaging in scenes involving blood.

94. Vacuum play: Using vacuum pumps on various parts of the body.

95. Sleepy play: Engaging in scenes involving sleep or unconsciousness.

96. Fire play: Using fire for sensory play or danger.

97. Wrestling: Engaging in physical wrestling as a form of domination or fun.

98. Nipple play/torture: Focusing on the nipples for pleasure or pain.

99. Choking: Applying pressure on the neck; (Note: This is highly risky and can be lethal.)

100. Furries/Furry play: Engaging in anthropomorphic animal role play.

20 Beginner-Friendly Fetish Ideas for Newbie Slaves

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  1. Foot Worship: Indulge in the pleasure of massaging and adoring Mistress’s feet.

  2. Spanking: Experience the thrill of controlled impact for discipline and arousal.

  3. Sensory Deprivation: Heighten your senses with blindfolds, earplugs, or hoods.

  4. Tease and Denial: Explore the excitement of being teased without release.

  5. Bondage: Feel the thrill of being restrained with ropes or cuffs.

  6. Role-Playing: Act out fantasies with scenarios like student-teacher or boss-secretary.

  7. Verbal Humiliation: Submit to verbal degradation and commands.

  8. Nipple Play: Enjoy stimulation through clamps, suction, or gentle biting.

  9. Tickling: Embrace playful submission with light tickling.

  10. Forced Cross-Dressing: Dress up in feminine attire under Mistress’s direction.

  11. Chastity: Explore arousal control with a chastity device.

  12. Pet Play: Experience submission as a pet (e.g., puppy, kitten) with rewards and commands.

  13. Golden Shower: Consensually explore urination play with Mistress.

  14. Impact Play: Feel the intensity of paddles, whips, or canes.

  15. Electric Play: Experience thrilling sensations with electrical devices.

  16. Wax Play: Enjoy sensory pleasure through hot wax on the body.

  17. Body Worship: Worship Mistress’s body, focusing on legs, buttocks, or breasts.

  18. Anal Play: Explore anal stimulation with toys, fingers, or strap-ons.

  19. Human Furniture: Serve as living furniture for Mistress’s comfort.

  20. Financial Domination: Show submission through financial gifts and tributes.

These fetish ideas offer a range of experiences for exploration and enjoyment in BDSM sessions, catering to different interests and comfort levels of newbie slaves.

10 Hardcore Fetish Ideas for Experienced Players

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  1. Blood Play: Explore the intense sensation of controlled bloodletting with Mistress’s guidance.

  2. Needle Play: Experience the exhilaration of needles piercing the skin under controlled conditions.

  3. Knife Play: Feel the edge of a knife against the skin, exploring fear and arousal.

  4. Breath Play: Delve into the eroticism of controlled asphyxiation for heightened sensations.

  5. Fire Play: Experience the thrill of heat and flames in a controlled environment.

  6. Catheterization: Explore urethral stimulation with the insertion of medical catheters.

  7. Medical Play: Role-play medical scenarios involving examinations, procedures, and equipment.

  8. Electric Shock: Use electrical devices to deliver controlled shocks for stimulation.

  9. Scat Play: Explore feces-related activities under strict hygiene and safety protocols.

  10. Extreme Humiliation: Endure intense verbal degradation and psychological domination.

These hardcore fetish ideas require a high level of trust, experience, and knowledge of safety protocols. Always prioritize communication, consent, and safety with a skilled and experienced Mistress or Dominant partner.

Here are some recommended books and resources

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  1. “SM 101: A Realistic Introduction” by Jay Wiseman

    • A comprehensive guide to BDSM basics, safety, and techniques for beginners.
  2. “The New Topping Book” by Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy

    • Offers insights into the art of topping, including communication, power dynamics, and scene negotiation.
  3. “The New Bottoming Book” by Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy

    • Focuses on the art of bottoming, covering negotiation, emotional aspects, and self-care in BDSM.
  4. “Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns: The Romance and Sexual Sorcery of Sadomasochism” by Philip Miller and Molly Devon

    • Explores the emotional and psychological aspects of BDSM, including detailed explanations of various fetishes.
  5. “Playing Well with Others: Your Field Guide to Discovering, Exploring and Navigating the Kink, Leather and BDSM Communities” by Lee Harrington and Mollena Williams

    • Provides guidance on navigating the BDSM community, etiquette, and finding compatible partners.
  6. “Different Loving: The World of Sexual Dominance and Submission” by Gloria G. Brame, William D. Brame, and Jon Jacobs

    • A comprehensive exploration of alternative sexual lifestyles, including BDSM, with personal stories and practical advice.
  7. “The Ethical Slut: A Practical Guide to Polyamory, Open Relationships & Other Adventures” by Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy

    • While primarily focused on ethical non-monogamy, it offers insights into communication, consent, and negotiation applicable to BDSM dynamics.

Online Resources:

  • FetLife: A social networking site for the BDSM, fetish, and kink community where you can explore various fetishes, join discussions, and find local events.

  • Submissive Guide: Provides resources and articles on submission and BDSM practices.

  • Dominant Guide: Offers insights and resources for dominants and tops in the BDSM community.

These resources can help individuals educate themselves about BDSM, understand their own desires and boundaries, and prepare for engaging in safe, consensual sessions with experienced practitioners.

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