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Online Session with Mistress Anu

Engaging in an online session with Mistress Anu offers a unique digital rendezvous that blends the realms of BDSM and modern technology. Through virtual platforms, Mistress Anu guides her participants in an exploration of dominance, submission, and various kinks, all from the privacy and comfort of their own spaces. This approach allows for a personalized experience that respects boundaries and prioritizes communication, making it a favored option for those seeking discretion and adaptability in their BDSM encounters.


Technical Requirements:

  1. Software:

    • Platform: The session will be conducted on [specific platform, e.g., Zoom, Skype, Teams]. Ensure you have the latest version of the application installed on your device.
    • Account: If the platform requires an account (e.g., Zoom or Skype), ensure you have one set up and provide your username in advance if needed.
    • Testing: It’s advisable to test the application with a friend or another device to ensure audio and video work as expected.
  2. Hardware:

    • Device: A laptop or desktop computer with a stable internet connection is preferred. Tablets and smartphones can be used but may offer limited functionalities.
    • Webcam & Microphone: Ensure your device has a working webcam and microphone. External webcams and microphones can offer better quality.
    • Internet Connection: A stable, high-speed internet connection is essential. Wired connections (Ethernet) are more reliable than wireless (Wi-Fi).

Setting Up the Right Environment for the Session:

  1. Quiet Surroundings:

    • Choose a quiet room or space with minimal background noise to ensure both parties can hear each other clearly.
  2. Lighting:

    • Ensure the room is well-lit, preferably with natural light. If not, position a lamp or light source behind the camera, so your face is illuminated without shadows.
  3. Background:

    • Opt for a neutral background, free from distractions. If using a virtual background, test it beforehand to ensure it appears professional and does not cause glitches.
  4. Device Placement:

    • Position your device at eye level to maintain a direct line of sight. This creates a more engaging conversation. You may need to prop up your device using books or a stand.
  5. Distraction-Free Zone:

    • Inform household members or roommates about your session to avoid unexpected interruptions.
    • Keep pets, mobile phones, and other potential distractions away or on silent mode.

Accessibility: Not everyone lives near a professional dominatrix or has the means to travel. Online sessions allow clients from all over the world to experience a session with Mistress Anu without leaving their home.

Privacy: Engaging in an online session can provide an added layer of discretion for those who might be concerned about being recognized or seen in certain locations.

Comfort: Clients can partake from the comfort of their own homes, which can be especially helpful for beginners who might be nervous or unsure.

Safety: Physical safety can be a concern in BDSM play. Online sessions remove many of the physical risks associated with BDSM, as there’s no actual physical contact.

Flexibility: Scheduling can be easier with online sessions, as there’s no need to factor in travel time, and sessions can potentially be shorter or more spontaneous.

Cost-effective: Without the overhead of a physical dungeon or play space, and with no travel expenses, online sessions can sometimes be more affordable for the client.

Diverse Tools for Engagement: Online platforms offer a range of tools – video, audio, chat, and more – that can be creatively used in the session.

Learning Opportunity: For those new to BDSM, online sessions can be a way to learn and explore at their own pace without the intensity of a full in-person session.

Unique Dynamics: The nature of online interactions can create different power dynamics and play opportunities that might not be available in person.

Building Trust: Online sessions can be a stepping stone for clients who are considering in-person sessions in the future. It allows them to build trust and rapport with Mistress Anu.

Dominance and Submission: Power dynamics can be played out, with tasks, commands, and rules given by the dominant to the submissive.

Humiliation Play: Tasks or verbal commands meant to humiliate or degrade, like name-calling or degrading tasks.

Foot Fetish: Worship, admiration, or tasks centered around the mistress’s feet, shoes, or stockings.

Sissification: The submissive might be instructed to dress up, put on makeup, or behave in a traditionally feminine manner.

Chastity: The submissive may wear a chastity device and be given control over the key or unlocking mechanism.

Financial Domination (FinDom): The submissive gives gifts or tributes, either spontaneously or upon command.

JOI (Jerk Off Instructions): Specific, guided self-pleasure instructions.

CEI (Cum Eating Instructions): A more specific version of JOI where the submissive is guided on consuming their own ejaculation.

Role Play: Engaging in various characters or scenarios to fulfill specific fantasies.

Tease and Denial: The dominant teases the submissive, often denying them the opportunity to climax.

Bondage Instructions: The submissive may be instructed on how to bind themselves using ropes or other tools they have on hand.

Pain Play: Self-administered spankings, wax play, or using clothespins, under the guidance or order of the dominant.

Worship: This could be body worship, heel worship, or any specific part that the mistress wants to be adored.

Tasks and Assignments: The submissive could be given specific tasks to complete before the next session or within a certain timeframe.

Training: This could be anything from posture training to service-oriented tasks to better serve the dominant.

1. Initiate Contact:

  • Send an email to Mistress Anu at
    • Provide a brief introduction about yourself.
    • Clearly state your interest or reason for the session.
    • Suggest a few dates and times that work for you.

2. Await Response:

  • Mistress Anu will review your request and get back to you within a specific timeframe (e.g., 48 hours).

3. Session Details:

  • Once Mistress Anu confirms a date and time, she will provide further details on how the session will be conducted. This may include the platform to be used (e.g., Zoom, Skype) and any other necessary information.

4. Payment:

  • Before the session begins, you will be provided with payment details.
  • Make sure to process the payment as instructed.
  • It’s advisable to confirm the payment with Mistress Anu to ensure everything is in order.

5. Join the Session:

  • On the agreed date and time, ensure you are ready and have all necessary software/apps installed on your device.
  • Join the session using the details provided by Mistress Anu.

6. Feedback:

  • After the session, it’s appreciated if you can provide feedback. This helps Mistress Anu to refine and improve the experience for future sessions.

Note: Always exercise caution when dealing with personal information and payments online. Ensure that your methods of payment are secure and that clients are aware of any cancellation policies or terms and conditions.

1. Providing Feedback on the Session:

  • Feedback Form: After the session concludes, you might receive a link to an online feedback form. Please take a moment to fill this out, as your feedback is invaluable.
  • Email Feedback: If you prefer, you can directly email any feedback to Constructive feedback, both positive and areas of improvement, is appreciated.
  • Confidentiality: Rest assured, all feedback is treated with utmost confidentiality and is used solely for the purpose of improving future sessions.

2. Opportunities for Follow-Up or Subsequent Sessions:

  • Scheduling: If you found the session beneficial and wish to schedule a follow-up or subsequent session, please email your preferred dates and times to Mistress Anu.
  • Packages: Mistress Anu might offer session packages or discounted rates for multiple sessions. Inquire if such opportunities are available.
  • Special Requests: If there are specific themes or topics you’d like to explore in future sessions, communicate your interests in advance so that Mistress Anu can prepare accordingly.

1. Guidelines on Behavior, Interaction, and Respectful Communication:

  • Respectful Tone: Maintain a courteous and respectful tone throughout the session. Avoid any aggressive or derogatory language.

  • Active Listening: Give Mistress Anu your full attention when she speaks. Avoid interrupting or speaking over her.

  • Appropriate Appearance: Even though the session is online, dress appropriately. Ensure your attire is decent and in line with the session’s context.

  • Timeliness: Join the session on time. If you anticipate a delay, notify Mistress Anu in advance. Respect the session’s start and end times.

  • Technical Preparedness: Ensure your equipment is set up and tested before the session. This includes audio, video, and the necessary software.

  • Mute Protocol: Keep your microphone muted unless you’re speaking to minimize background noise.

2. Setting Boundaries for the Session:

  • Privacy: Respect Mistress Anu’s privacy. Do not ask personal questions or attempt to engage outside the context of the session unless it’s been mutually agreed upon.

  • Safe Words/Signals: If applicable and depending on the session’s nature, establish a safe word or signal for both parties to use if any content becomes uncomfortable.

  • Scope of the Session: Stick to the session’s intended topics and themes. Avoid diverting into unrelated or inappropriate subjects.

  • Recording Policy: Do not record, photograph, or capture any part of the session unless explicit permission has been granted by Mistress Anu.

  • Confidentiality: Ensure that the details of the session remain private. Do not share or disclose any content, insights, or personal details discussed during the session.

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