Anu Mistress

I enjoy many forms of BDSM play. Human sexuality fascinates Me and I am always willing to explore ideas and fantasies. If you do not see your fetish listed here, contact Me to discuss.

Get in touch to discuss any other fetishes you may have

  • A-K

    Anal Training
    Ball Busting
    Ball Nailing
    Balloon Popping
    Body Worship (Non Intimate)
    Boot Worship
    Breath Control
    Caning Light/Severe

  • Dinner Domination
    Domestic Duties
    Dominant SubLife Coaching
    Face Sitting / Smothering
    Face Slapping
    Feminisation (inc forced for humiliation)
    Foot Worship
    Forced Bi (Deposit mandatory)
    FemDom Couples (Training)
    Gagging (Hands and Feet)
    Human Furniture
    Ice Play

  • L-Z

    Leg Worship
    Light Wrestling
    Medical Play

  • Nipple Tease/Torture


  • Pet Play
    Pony Play
    Post Orgasm Torture
    Rope Bondage
    Ruined Orgasm
    Sensual Tie And Tease
    Shrink Wrap
    Sissy Training/Sissification
    Shoe Fetish
    Shopping Trips
    Slave Training
    Small Penis Humiliation
    Sploshing/Food Play
    Stinging Nettles
    Tease And Denial
    Tie And Tease
    Tickle Torture
    Trampling (Boots/Heels)
    Violet Wand
    Water Sports
    Wax Play

your application has been accepted!

So I have accepted your application, so now what?


Once your I have accepted your booking We will then discuss a date and time which is appropriate from both of Us. I will then book the dungeon and the slot will be assigned to you (lucky boy!). 


you will text before 9.30 am to confirm you have not forgotten about our appointment. Then you will text at most 5 minutes before your appointment time so I know you have arrived at the location. 

Do not text 15, 20, 30 minutes before the session saying you have arrived – I will not be ready for you. I keep to strict timings so if We agree 2pm, then I will be ready at 2pm for you. 

When I am ready for you to enter the dungeon I will text you and you can come in. Exercise discretion when arriving at the premises, yes everyone knows what the location is but there is no need to behave badly. I expect you to be on your best behaviour 😉


Will you see any other slaves? Absolutely NOT! This is why I have strict rules on arrival and departure times from the dungeon – I do not want you to bump into anyone and they do not want to bump into you. 

No matter how many times you have visited Me, always remember the above so that there are no incidents which result in stern words from Me. Or maybe forget them – I love dishing out a good telling off! 


When you arrive, We will sit and have an informal chat regarding the session and I will show you around. Remember to have your tribute ready, in its envelope, which you can hand to Me with a kiss on the shoe, a bow or a nervous giggle depending on your headspace. you will have the opportunity to use the loo and shower if you would like to. 

The session will commence: I tailor each session to YOUR individual likes and limits and then add My own twist onto it. you are here to serve Me after all. I will never add an activity to the play that is in your limits list or out of your comfort zone depending on your experience level. you will always be given a safe word to use and the offer to have a moment, use the loo or have a some water throughout the session is always an option. I want you to be comfortable and feel safe in the environment. 

After the session you will be given a towel and offered a shower. IF time permits We will have a coffee but usually We will have a chocolate or a biscuit and a little chat so that I feel happy you are ready to leave the dungeon and get back to the ‘real’ world. 


No photos or videos will be taken in the session UNLESS I have your permission. Most of My sessions remain anonymous and ‘off’ social media – this is not a problem. I have designated slaves who are happy for Me to take photos/videos and use them on social networks. 

If you want PRIVATE and PERSONAL memories from Our session, let Me know in an email beforehand and We can discuss. 

If you wish to have images and videos of Our session published, I will now be initiating the model release form. It is a short form where you ‘give Me permission’ (haha) legally to use the images with your face in them or if you have specific tattoos that can be recognisable to others.  This saves Me in the future, if you decide to become a priest for example, having to trawl through social media to take down any evidence of your debaucherous time with Me!

What I offer / FETISH

If there is something you would like to try that isn’t listed here, please do not hesitate in making a suggestion. It maybe something I already enjoy or perhaps a new experience that will add to my repertoire and allow me to begin a new journey.

I am extremely versatile.

Some of my Specialties in more detail ….

Dinner Domination.

Would you like to take me all dressed up out for dinner but know that you are under my complete control?? If you want humiliation I can do that, if you want to be put in chastity and teased I am the woman or do you just want a lovely date knowing that the next time you see me or even later on that evening, you will be chained up at my mercy spanked, flogged and begging for more.

FemDom Couples.

I offer training and double domination to couples who love the Dungeon scene and want to explore domination with the female of the couple taking charge. Have you already dominated your man and want an extra pair of hands or do you need some pointers on just how to put him in his place? Two women in charge is a very powerful dynamic!!! Lets spice up your relationship.

Forced Bi.

I offer Forced Bi sessions only to clients I have seen at least once. It takes a lot of organisation and I need to know it will go well for all. You will not have a choice but to show how much you want to please me by taking a cock in your mouth and trying your best to be my little slut. I want you on your knees, mouth open and taking it all in…….for me!!! It may not be just your mouth I use!!!! Remember, no choice!!!

Kidnapping/Outdoor Humiliation.

Are you interested in being taken from the woods bundled into my car and being abused? Or being taken somewhere outside and forced to crawl on your knees, bark like a dog, get tied to a tree?? There are so many scenarios that can be played out it is almost endless!! Works to perfection as a double session! Get in touch and lets start to discuss!!

Role Play/Fantasies.

I am open to a wide range of role play and fantasy so get in touch and let me know what you would like to try!!! I will not go into details into the sessions I have done for confidentiality reasons but they are very varied and some extreme.

Shopping Trips.

This can be just a lovely shopping day buying me nice underwear, clothes or shoes OR it can be for gentlemen who like to dress as a woman and we can go shopping for underwear and clothes for both of us!!! It’s so much nicer having a second opinion on those french knickers! Get in touch to discuss Tribute.

Webcam Domination.

For my overseas admirers or ones that prefer this kind of session I don’t need to be stood in front of you for you to do what I say!! Skype sessions can bring us together and you can show me just how good a slave you can be!!! Please me…………………….

I do not, under any circumstances, offer sexual services so please do not ask!



What I offer / FETISH

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