Anu Mistress


full time OWNED SLAVE.

I do not accept just anyone as a personal slave. The first and most important thing is CONNECTION. I must get on with you and be able, at the very least, to hold a fun and interesting conversation. How can you build a more intimate relationship with someone if you do not like them? One of My personal slaves was put through his paces and made to prove his worth over a long period of over 6 months. I must be able to see that you are serious about being owned and that you will not get bored or look elsewhere after the initial excitement wears off. If I am going to let you into My personal life, I do not have time for flakes and you must appreciate the great trust that comes with this role. you must be ready to engage in such a commitment otherwise it can end in great sadness.

What kind of things can a personal slave be involved in? The list is endless: chores, tasks, research, attending events, errands, driving and admin are some activities. The main aim of a personal slave is to make their Mistress’ life easier. Some Mistresses require their personal slave to tribute a large sum each month, I look at what the person can afford, their circumstances and, of course, how useful they can be to Me. My time is precious and it must be earnt in various ways: tasks, gifts, surprises, creativeness, readiness, etc. I give a lot of My time to My personal slaves so I expect that when I give them a task it is completed to the highest standard. That slave is being trained to be a reflection of ME and they must act accordingly.

A personal slave must show gratitude, be invisible (not wanting to show off their status all the time, it becomes boring) and be aware that Mistress will have contact with others – this should fuel you to want to do your best so you can be the favourite (not that She will ever tell you this ;)). You must prove your worth. If you are not giving Me what I need, you receive less of My time and you get rewards and punishments depending on the quality of effort with your work.

I set strict rules and a contract is signed at the beginning of the personal slavery journey. This contract can change over time to accommodate new skills learnt or changed circumstances. I do not allow my slaves to interact with other Mistresses unless pre-agreed, this fails the idea of being MINE and once you’re MINE, you should not wish to have anyone else on your mind.

I bet anyone who has considered being ‘owned’ has imagined being able to spend all day talking to their Mistress or seeing Her every day – this is not the case: Mistress still has a life to lead, sessions, commitments and Her personal life. Sometimes you will speak to Her daily and other times it may be a couple of times a week. If you become My personal slave you are absolutely more involved in My life, things become more ‘friendly’, more personal, but it is hard work. You will be required to be available when I need you but also have the ability to busy yourself when I am not free to spend time with you. You need to be motivated and creative and come up with ways to help your Mistress. And you need to WANT to be there. Never rush into ownership, make sure you are ready to commit to that one special Mistress. If not, wait, one day She will come along and turn your life around.

One of the main points when discussing ownership is that when a punishment is given, you take it and move on. If you have done something wrong, no matter how small, you need to be punished to learn. It is a long journey but the ultimate ending is to become Mistress’ special, ultimate slave who is the perfect reflection of Her hard work and status. This does not happen overnight, you must work tirelessly to get to know your Mistress, Her needs, desires, wants and they must be all you think about. Your aim in life is to make Her life better!

A note from an owned slave:

Being a personal slave is what i had dreamed of since the day i first fell into the world of BDSM. Being a personal slave is not something that should be taken lightly and is definitely not just a ‘fantasy’ for a sub to get his kicks. It also HAS to be with the right person and the Mistress you have a true connection with. For me i knew instantly the first time i met Mistress Courtney that She was the one i wanted to enter into slavery with and my dream was to become Her personal slave. So the day which is so crystal clear in my mind still that Mistress gave me my collar and accepted me as Her personal slave was and is so truly very special and one to be treasured forever.
As i mentioned before being a Personal slave is not about you as the submissive getting your kicks it’s ALL about Mistress and making sure you attend to all of Her needs and essentially doing all you can to make Mistresses life easier for Her. Being a personal slave does not mean Mistress keeps me chained and left in the dungeon 24-7 and beaten every hour (although of course if Mistress wanted to She of course could). Of course Mistress and i spend lots of time in the Dungeon for play/punishments/rewards but the main part of being a personal slave is the work you need to put in and you have to be prepared to do that. i have had days when i have had tasks coming out my ears and thought my head would explode but would i change anything ? Absolutely not. Being a personal slave make no mistake can be hard work but throughout that hard work what keeps me working hard for Mistress is the thought that at the end of my task or tasks i may get an email or text or call from Mistress saying ‘well done I am pleased with you’ as those magical words are all i strive for and it makes me very happy to know i have pleased Mistress.
If you are lucky enough to meet your dream Mistress and you are given the chance to prove your worth as Her personal slave, grab it with both hands show complete Devotion to your Mistress 24-7 and work so hard for Her.
It’s an amazing feeling