Anu Malkin

My First Ass Worship Session story


Greetings, dear readers! Today, I want to share with you a delightful experience I had during my first ass worship session with my devoted slave, Abhinav. Allow me to introduce myself – I am Mistress Anu, a 24-year-old dominatrix hailing from the bustling city of Mumbai. With my long, captivating nails and commanding presence, I revel in exploring the world of sensual domination.

The Prelude

As a Mistress, I believe in establishing trust and building a strong bond with my submissives. Abhinav had been serving me for quite some time, proving his loyalty and dedication. The time had come to initiate him into the realm of ass worship, a sacred act of devotion.

Before our session, I meticulously prepared my private chamber, adorning it with scented candles and soft, sensual music. The atmosphere was perfect to set the mood for an unforgettable encounter. Abhinav arrived promptly, eager to fulfill his role as my submissive.

The Session Begins

I instructed Abhinav to undress and kneel before me. As he lowered himself, I could sense his anticipation and excitement. Standing before him, I slowly removed my clothing, relishing the power I held over him.

With Abhinav on his knees, I turned around, presenting him with the object of his desire Рmy perfectly sculpted derri̬re. The sight of my luscious curves and smooth skin made his breath hitch, intensifying the experience for both of us.

Exploring the Depths of Devotion

As Abhinav began his worship, I reveled in the sensation of his warm breath caressing my skin. His hands, guided by my command, trailed along the curves of my backside, worshipping every inch with reverence.

My long nails delicately traced patterns on his skin, leaving a tantalizing mix of pleasure and pain in their wake. The symphony of moans and sighs that filled the air was a testament to the pleasure we both derived from this intimate act of submission.

The Climax

As the intensity built, I allowed Abhinav to delve deeper into his worship. With each gentle spank and stroke, the connection between us grew stronger. The boundaries of pleasure blurred, and we were lost in a world of ecstasy.

Finally, unable to contain ourselves any longer, we reached the pinnacle of our desires. Abhinav’s devotion and surrender brought me to a state of bliss, and he was rewarded with my overwhelming satisfaction.


My first ass worship session with Abhinav was an enlightening experience for both of us. It allowed us to explore the depths of our desires and embrace the power dynamics that fuel our connection.

As Mistress Anu, I am grateful for the trust placed in me by my submissive slaves. Each session is an opportunity for growth, pleasure, and mutual exploration.

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