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I welcome sincere inquiries from individuals and couples of all gender identities.

If you want to make sure your first contact and session with me is amazing, just do some homework. You’d be surprised at how many clients (old and new) just simply can’t be bothered to do some reading about me.

If you wanted a Ferrari, you wouldn’t walk into a Ford garage! It’s the same with me. I have very high expectations about the clients I allow. They’ve got to know about me (they’ve read my site and looked at my social media profile as a minimum), have good manners, speak with the right tone and act and behave in an appropriate way and never, ever, be familiar with me; treat me the way you would treat anyone worthy of respect.


Your first encounter may be a phone call, a Skype or a meeting in person at my dungeon. I expect you to feel nervous, your heart might be racing, your mind might go blank and perhaps a little perspiration… maybe. It’s meant to be like this; as a Dominant woman, I expect men to revere me, feel uncertain and in time come to worship and adore me. You will submit to my will and you will obey me. Your training and obedience to my will, starts from the very first moment we meet or speak; just don’t forget it. 

You are here to experience domination and feminine power like you’ve never experienced before; whether you’re alpha or beta in normal life, one thing you need to know before you take a step further, you will find no other Dominatrix like me.  I will bring you pleasure, I will bring pain, I will bring ecstasy, I will bring euphoria and suffering and take you to places that you have never dreamt of. There is however a price to pay for this experience… that I will only share with those that I allow into my world….let your journey begin hihi!

I would advise all those clients who haven’t met me before and even the ones who know me (as a bit of homework) to read this excellent blog by one of my slaves…..Click Here – Approaching A Domme


Like any businesses, there are always timewasters to deal with. It’s one of the many parts of a Mistress’s life that many clients don’t see. The outside world only sees the glamour and excitement and not some of the s**t that Pro Dominatrices like me have to endure! One major irritant is time wasters; they come in all shapes and sizes and can be old as well as new clients. They drain my energy, they drive me insane but strangely, they don’t just simply don’t see what they’re doing.

Some prospective clients call for the thrill of talking to a Professional Dominatrix, some to talk about the gifts they may or may not buy for me, some call thinking I’m a therapist to ‘have a chat with’ and explore future possibilities, and some are just plain lonely.

I love talking and meeting people of all shapes and sizes, but please understand this simple thing: I’m running a business!! I’m not an agony aunt, the Samaritans, a psychologist, your long lost mate or even your friend; I’m here for a reason….and it’s not about wasting time!

One of the best and also quite humorous articles about time wasters that really summed up some of the most common examples about these characters, was recently written by a blogger called eyemblacksheep, a BDSM lover.

For any kind of contact with me, session request, online training etc…


The best way to get hold of me is to send me an email at

If you wish to book a session, virtual or real, please fill up my form on this page

And then JUST WAIT for my reply.

After studying your case and maybe accepting your application, I’ll get back to you

If you are really desperate to contact me, money always does the trick. Send me a tribute with your message, I’ll straight away get a notification on my phone so I’ll give you priority

Since my online work takes most of my time, I’ll only offer hourly real time session twice a month in a dungeon near Cardiff. Example, if you wish to book one or two hours, you should keep an eye on my calendar to see which dates I’m available.

As a prefer quality over quantity, Dinner date package or long sessions are available all the time on request.

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