my amazon shopping slaves thoughts

The idea of a shopping slave is to provide the most flawless and least cumbersome shopping experience to a Domme. He needs to assist any time needed but also be as invisible as possible. So the idea of having him always stays 6 feet behind you is a great idea, but if you want him to do something, you would have to turn around and give him orders. Which is by itself, considering his presence. To avoid this, you could use talkie walkie like microphone. It would be always on and discreetly hidden under your shirt so that the slave would hear you in a earplug all the time. That way, you could either whisper in his ears or simply talk and the slave would have to guess and anticipate your needs. For example if you walk in front of a shop and see something you like behind the window you could just say “oh I would love these earrings” and slave would have to go into the shop and get them for you. Same if you fancy an ice cream, you could just say in front of the desk ”oh I would love this ice cream” and go sit at a table and wait for the slave to bring it to you and disappear.
The idea is to talk to him the least possible, because by doing so, you acknowledge his presence.

You could set protocols and signs, if you prefer for the slave to enter the shop with you or wait outside. If you want to be as discreet as possible, you could prefer to use his credit card and have him wait for you outside carrying all your bags. Once you’re out of the shop with your purchase you could just drop the bag on the floor for him to pick up. He would have some cash to pay for all the conveniences. This could also be very frustrating for him as he wouldn’t know what you’re buying and how much you’re spending.

To make sure he’s always on his toes and provide the best service possible, you could have him wear a remote shock collar around his testicules set on a very high setting to use it as a threat, but without the intent to use it. He should fear it more than anything. Just showing him the remote should have him back on track.

I like your idea of teasing him by walking behind you. But you wouldn’t want a stalker following you with a boner. You could have him wear a spiked chastity cage to make sure he keeps his pulsions in check. Or maybe the Kali’s teeth? If so you could have him wear diapers to hide his boner and also to make sure he doesn’t have to go to the restroom and be always available for you.

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To make it fun, you could have him wear some insoles, but maybe not the harshest ones. It should be uncomfortable for him but he should still looks like he’s walking normally. Or shoes one size too small.